Discover 5 trending hair colors in 2023

Discover 5 trending hair colors in 2023

Hair color trend, 2023. With the turn of the year comes the desire for change. And nothing changes our appearance quite like new hair color.

 If you want to change your hair color, it will be very useful for you to know the trendy hair color 2023 for women. Here are the trends you should know about trending hair colors.

 In this article, we will introduce you to the most beautiful hair colors of 2023!

Discover hair color trends 2023

Here you can Discover hair color trends 2023:

Hair Color Trend #1 Warm platinum blonde

Fashion does not stand still, new trends are constantly emerging. In 2023, platinum blonde hair coloring in warm colors is trendy.

Platinum blonde, which has been among the trendy hair colors for many years, is at the top of the hair color lists in 2023.

 Platinum, which is generally known to suit every skin tone and every style, is known for giving a sophisticated and cool look. Moreover, you can use it with a little variation. If you have a dark skin tone, you can also prefer slightly more grayish tones instead of yellow. Do not forget that the most important point of the platinum color is maintenance.


Hair Color Trend #2 Reddish cinnamon brown

Let’s say that cinnamon hair color, which looks cool and attractive, is the ideal color for women who want to change their hair color.

Cinnamon brown is one of the warmest shades of brown hair dye. This brown hair color with a cinnamon copper undertone reveals red reflections in the sun. Cinnamon brown hair color, which gives a lively and energetic expression to the face thanks to its copper undertone, is one of the most popular hair colors of this year.

When the red reflections in the cinnamon color are combined with the brown hair dye, very natural hair looks emerge. We can’t wait to try the cinnamon-brown hair color that will shine brightly under the sun.


Who would suit cinnamon brown hair color?

We prefer cinnamon brown hair color to women with light and wheat skins. Cinnamon brown hair creates a very vivid contrast for fair-skinned women. Achieve Stunning Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde Cinnamon brown hair color, which complements the skin color of wheat-skinned women, helps the face look healthier and more dynamic. Since cinnamon hair color has a warm undertone, we like this hair color more in women with warm skin undertones.

Dark-skinned people should try brown hair color with golden reflections instead of cinnamon brown. Golden brown hair color reveals the beauty of the brunette skin and makes the hair strands shine brightly

How to care for cinnamon brown hair color?

When caring for your dyed hair, you should definitely choose products specific to dyed hair. Using cold water while taking a shower ensures that the brightness of the cinnamon-brown hair color does not fade. We recommend that you make a color-protecting hair mask once or twice a week, depending on your hair needs.

Hair Color Trend #3 Sandy beige blonde

Sandy beige blonde hair color is a great way to refresh your style and get that summery feel no matter the season.

Anyone who is considering daring the new trend coloring should definitely seek advice from their stylist and determine their skin tone because combined with the wrong skin tone, beige-blonde can make your complexion look very pale.

sandy beige blonde- hair dye

Who would suit natural Sandy beige blonde hair colors?

If you want to have naturally blonde hair, first learn what you should pay attention to. We can summarize the points to be considered natural blonde hair colors as follows:

1. Your natural color matters

While trying to be blonde, your natural hair color determines your approach to the subject. How Long Does Splat Hair Dye Last? Unveiling the Truth About Longevity This is one reason why you need a professional stylist. If your hair is naturally dark, it may take time to reach the blonde tones you want. 

2. Your skin tone should determine the color choice

As you know, there are different shades of yellow. While some of the blonde shades look good on you, not all of them will fit. For the best look, you should choose the right color, and for this, you should consider your skin tone. 

3. Do not try to do it yourself

While there are many hair colors you can try on your own at home, being blonde is out of the question. Avoid this urge and seek professional help, as things may go wrong than you expected.

4. Your blonde hair will need more maintenance

Of course, all hair types and colors need care to stay healthy. However, the processes applied to make your hair naturally blonde can have negative effects on your general health. 

You need to choose moisturizing and nourishing hair care products to preserve the moisture of your hair and fight breakage. 

5. Your hair texture may change

This is one of the consequences of bleaching hair. As you continue to dye your hair blonde, your natural hair texture can change. For example, if you have curly hair, you may notice that your ends become flatter and drier. 

Of course, working with a professional stylist and taking good care of your hair helps to eliminate these problems.

Hair Color Trend #4 Extra Dark Chocolate Brown

Extra Dark Chocolate Brown is among the most popular women’s hair colors of 2023. Extra Dark Chocolate Brown hair color, which left its mark on the past year, seems to maintain its top position this year as well.

The Extra Dark Chocolate Brown hair color, which has many different shades, including light and dark, adapts to most skin tones. You can have beautiful hair that attracts attention with this hair color that always makes you look lively, young, and energetic.


Hair Color Trend #5 Rich cherry red

Rich cherry red is a very stunning red color that makes your hair color Get Platinum Blonde Hair from Golden Blonde stand out from the crowd. 

The rich cherry red color is a great choice for those who decided to change their hair color.

Who does Rich’s cherry red hair color suit?

It is generally known to suit everyone due to its warm and matte tone. But if you have a light skin color, turning to much lighter shades of red will make you look more energetic and lively. 

In addition, if you have a darker skin color, that is, if you are a brunette, you can choose the wine-red hair color without thinking.


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FAQs about colors trending for your hair in 2023

What are some trending hair colors for 2023?

Chocolate Lilac. Golden Blonde. Smoky Gray. Rose Gold. Neon Green

How can I choose the right hair color for myself?

Consider your skin tone. Enhance your eye color. Consult a professional.

How can I maintain my hair color in 2023?

Use color-safe products. Protect from UV rays. Limit heat styling. Schedule regular touch-ups