Gray Hair Trends 2024| Granny hair

Gray Hair Trends 2024| Granny hair

Gray Hair Trends

 Silver and grey hair has been making waves in the hair trends. It’s fascinating how it’s not just about embracing the natural greys anymore, but also about actively seeking that color through dyes and glosses. It seems like people are getting creative with their hair color choices, and finding new ways to express themselves. How do you feel about this trend? Are you considering trying it out or sticking to your current style?

It’s hard to say definitively, but the trend for silver and grey hair might continue to be a major player in 2024. Given the interest from hairstylists and the ongoing fascination with these tones, it could very well remain a prominent trend in the coming year. Of course, trends are always evolving, so it’ll be interesting to see what new styles and colors emerge as the year progresses. What do you think? Do you reckon this trend will continue to dominate, or might we see something entirely unexpected take its place?

Oyster Grey

Oyster Grey
Oyster Grey

As we approach the end of 2023, there’s been a standout shade making waves: oyster grey. This fresh, breezy, pearlescent color trend is popping up everywhere on Instagram, becoming the go-to hair color to embrace this crisp winter season.

Oyster Grey, a captivating and elegant hue reminiscent of the pearlescent shades found in the ocean’s oyster shells, has emerged as a prominent and sought-after hair color trend as we near the end of 2023. This sophisticated tone reflects the crispness and allure of the winter season, making it a popular choice among trendsetters and those seeking a chic, modern look.

This luminous pearlescent-silver shade combines the cool, platinum blonde tones with glimmers of silver, exhibiting subtle hints of blue and purple undertones reminiscent of the inner lining of an oyster shell.

It offers a sophisticated, contemporary appearance that beautifully complements various skin tones. It is an ideal option for those seeking to explore unconventional hair colors without opting for a bold or overly dramatic transformation.

Maintaining oyster grey hair, while generally low-maintenance, thrives on proactive care and preserving its condition. The lustrous, mother-of-pearl finish defines this shade, making regular use of hair masks and glossing treatments essential for its upkeep.

On social media, we’ve witnessed the rise of stunningly sleek silver locks that offer a chic—and perhaps slightly bolder—alternative to platinum. Besides the classic bottle grey, there’s a surge in hybrid shades blending natural greys with skillfully applied color treatments, accentuating and enhancing the inherent tones.

What is going to be trending? will there be gray hair trends?

In the upcoming trends, according to Aaron Carlo, the renowned hairdresser, and TRESemmé lead stylist, softer and more delicate shimmering balayage styles will continue to prevail. He anticipates the persistent presence of silver highlights and sparkling strands interwoven throughout the hair, especially as a way to embrace and incorporate greys, even into the depths of winter.

Carlo predicts a surge in innovative approaches to enhance grey hues using toners and specialized shampoos, showcasing fascinating new methods to embrace and elevate the beauty of grey tones in hair.

As the trend gains momentum, brands are actively joining the grey hair movement by introducing innovative products tailored for at-home care. John Frieda, Redken, and MoroccanOil are among the brands that have expanded their silver hair color lines, offering solutions to tone, enrich, and safeguard grey strands between salon visits.

Whether you’re aiming for a platinum transformation or simply seeking a refreshing change, there are crucial points to consider when transitioning to silver hair.

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Brunettes, what about them? can transfer to gray hair trends?

For brunettes eyeing a transition to grey, it’s essential to recognize the challenge ahead. Achieving the grey hue from very dark or brown hair demands significant preparation.

Siobhan Jones from Headmasters emphasizes the process, stating, “To achieve a grey hue, the hair needs pre-lightening to attain a clean white-blonde base. Then, it’s about customizing a grey toner for the desired shade.” Siobhan’s expertise was evident when she transformed Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix to silver in 2021.

Choosing the Right Grey Hair Trends: Matching to Your Skin Tone

Selecting a new hair shade involves considering how it complements your skin tone. However, with grey tones, there’s a higher risk of it affecting your complexion.

Sapphire Driver, Brands Manager, and Colourist at BLEACH London, highlights this concern: “Each of us has our preferences for tone combinations, but grey can potentially wash out the skin if not balanced. Individuals with cooler or more yellow-toned skin might face challenges, whereas those with warmer, pink-toned skin may find it exceptionally flattering.”

Gradual Transition for Perfect Grey Hair

Achieving stunning grey hair requires patience. Sapphire recommends a gradual approach rather than diving in headfirst. “Slowly build up balayage or highlights instead of bleaching your hair all at once, especially for those with dark hair. It creates a subtler transition and allows for additional bleached sections or highlights to be added later.”

While this method is feasible for brunettes, it’s crucial to avoid attempting this at home and rely solely on professional expertise.

Potential Discomfort in the Process

When aiming for a full transition to grey from the roots, expect a mild burning sensation from the bleach. “it can become a bit uncomfortable during the wait” while achieving a white blonde hue.

Siobhan notes, “Those pursuing this color should understand that lightening hair to this extent can weaken it.” Fortunately, the silver shade complements buzzcuts and pixie cuts exceptionally well.

Toner: Essential for Perfect Grey Hair

Toner: Essential for Perfect Grey Hair

The key to achieving the ideal grey shade lies in the toner. Once your hair is bleached, toning becomes pivotal for achieving and maintaining your desired color. Consistent toning is crucial for long-lasting color brilliance. “Grey might develop a slight greenish tint if not regularly toned. If you opt for grey or silver hair, expect to tone it every two to three weeks to retain the color.”

Toning at home is surprisingly manageable. Combat brassiness in silver tones by switching to purple shampoo and conditioner. It’s vital to exercise caution as excessive toning can result in a blue or purple hue. Start with a small amount of toner or purple shampoo and gradually increase if needed. With regular toning, your silver hair will maintain its stunning vibrancy for weeks ahead.

Nourishing Care for Your Silver Hair

Post any intense dye treatment, your hair might need extra care. To maintain its health, investing in a quality at-home hair mask is crucial. These masks provide essential nourishment to both your roots and ends, replenishing lost natural oils due to styling, environmental exposure, and chemical treatments.

Select a mask specifically formulated to penetrate the hair shaft, delivering vital vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. This aids in repairing damaged hair and reducing breakage caused by color manipulation. Whether your hair is curly, straight, thick, or fine, using a hair mask once or twice weekly can noticeably improve the health and vibrancy of your silver locks.

Temporary Grey: Experimenting without Commitment

For those intrigued by this experimental color but hesitant to commit or invest in a salon visit, numerous at-home products offer the chance to explore silver strands without a permanent commitment.

These at-home products range from temporary hair sprays and chalks to wash-out dyes and hair mascaras. They offer a chance to experiment with silver tones without the long-term commitment or significant cost associated with a professional salon treatment. These temporary options are ideal for testing the waters and discovering if the grey hair trend is right for you before taking the plunge into a more permanent change.

Consider a Wig as an Alternative

Gray Hair Trends 2024| Granny hair
Gray Hair Trends 2024| Granny hair

Consider trying a wig if you’re still uncertain about committing to a new hair color. It’s an option that often gets overlooked, but it’s worth exploring. Many times when you see celebrities like former GLAMOUR cover stars Kylie Jenner and Saweetie sporting glamorous new hair colors, they’re wearing wigs.

Opting for a synthetic wig can help keep costs down, although it’s essential to note that synthetic wigs might need more frequent replacement and don’t offer the versatility of heat styling. They can, however, be a fantastic way to experiment with different hair colors and styles without any permanent commitment.

Can anyone transition to grey hair, regardless of their natural hair color?

Transitioning to grey hair may vary based on your natural hair color. Lighter hair shades might find it easier to shift to grey with less bleaching, while darker hair might require more extensive bleaching to achieve the desired grey tone. Consulting a professional hairstylist can help determine the best approach for your specific hair color.

How can I maintain the vibrancy of my grey hair?

To maintain vibrant grey hair, regular toning is crucial. Using a purple shampoo and conditioner helps combat brassiness, while periodic toning treatments at the salon or with at-home toners can refresh the color. Additionally, using hair masks and treatments designed for colored or damaged hair can help maintain moisture and health, ensuring the silver hue remains vibrant.

Conclusion of gray hair trends| Granny hair

The trend of embracing grey hair, often referred to as “granny hair,” continues to captivate the world of hair fashion. What was once considered a sign of aging has transformed into a celebrated and sought-after style choice. From shimmering silver tones to elegant oyster greys, the versatility of grey hair has been showcased across various skin tones and hair textures.

Salons and brands have responded with specialized products and techniques, making it more accessible for individuals to achieve and maintain grey hues. Whether through gradual transitions, professional treatments, or temporary options, there’s a range of approaches to explore this trend without committing to permanent color changes.

The journey to grey hair might require patience, as it often involves bleaching and toning to achieve the desired shade. However, with proper care and maintenance, including regular toning, nourishing treatments, and perhaps even the use of wigs for experimentation, the possibilities for embracing grey hair are diverse and exciting.

Ultimately, the grey hair trend, with its evolving shades and techniques, continues to redefine beauty standards and empower individuals to express themselves through this chic and sophisticated color choice.