Hair color: dark auburn hair color Best Auburn Hair Dyes for 2023

Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair colors are one of the most popular hair colors in this period when naturalness and natural looks are at the top. We are sure that you too often see natural dark brown hair these days. Well, how about you give it a try?

If you are thinking of dyeing your blonde, black, or red hair auburn, the options you can choose are almost endless. Once you’ve decided that auburn is the color for you, the first thing you need to do is find the most ideal shade. For example, how about dark auburn hair color?

Auburn hair dye


First of all, let’s talk about the color of brown hair. Auburn hair color is actually a tone between brown and blonde. It is neither as light as blonde hair nor as dark as brown hair. The most important feature of auburn hair color is that it contains ashy tones.

Dark brown hair color, what color is it?

Dark auburn is a sophisticated, elegant, and stylish color. Although it is often confused with brown, there are differences between them. Dark brown hair color is a combination of blonde and ashy tones. It’s neither too dark nor too light. The secret of dark auburn hair that attracts attention is that it adds dimension to your hair with ups and downs. That’s why you can consider baby lights or balayage to amp up your rich hair color.

Here’s one more tip: The secret to beautiful dark auburn hair color is shine. However, the heat styling tools that many of us frequently use can dull your hair. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid excessive use of such tools and use the lowest heat setting if possible.

Dark Auburn Hair Color and Dye Numbers

Dark auburn hair colors consist of the dark main tone of the auburn tone and reflection colors. In dark auburn hair colors, there are different dye tones as natural, cold, and warm.

For people who want to achieve dark auburn hair colors, we share below the numbers of dark auburn hair colors and how they will look;

Dark Auburn Hair Colors Catalog

We have created a template for dark auburn hair colors for you to see how the reflective tones of Dark Auburn Colors look in paint catalogs.

Dark Auburn Hair Color 6.0


Our color in our paint catalog is 6.0 as a dark auburn hair color tone. The color 6.0 is also known as natural dark auburn. It has a white closure feature. Those who want to dye their hair a dark auburn without any reflective tones can apply this dye trick.

Dark Ash Brown Hair Color 6.1


Dark ashy auburn hair colors are among the preferred colors for those who do not like cold and very light colors in their hair. Those who want to lose the red reflection in their hair can use this tone.

Dark Intense Ashy Auburn Hair Color 6.11


Dark intense auburn hair colors are an even more intense ashy shade of 6.1 ashy auburn. Those who find the ashy reflection of the 6.1 tones low may prefer the 6.11 tone.

Dark Auburn Dore Hair Color 6.3


You can apply the dye number 6.3 to your hair for dark auburn gold hair color, with the reflection of the golden color, for dark auburn warm colors.

Dark Auburn Copper Hair Color 6.4

Dark auburn copper hair color is a tone that can be preferred by people who want dark and copper reflections in their hair. It is enough to add 6.4 hair dye color into your dye to get a copper reflection to the dark auburn color.

Dark Auburn Dore Copper Hair Color 6.34

Dark auburn gold copper hair color is a color in which the warmth is more prominent and there is a copper reflection with the warmth. If you want more intense heat in your hair and a light copper reflection with the heat, you can use 6.34 hair dye.

Dark Auburn Copper Gold Hair Color 6.43

Dark auburn copper gold hair color is the tone in which the copper reflection is more prominent. It is among the ones that can be preferred by those who like copper tones.

Who does dark brown hair color suit?

Dark auburn tones can be ideal for those who like more natural looks rather than assertive hair colors. We can even say that it resembles chestnut hair color and chocolate brown hair color. Especially if you have skin with warm undertones, dark auburn hair colors will suit you very well. These natural tones give dark and wheat complexions a much more luminous and lively atmosphere.

If you have neutral undertones, this means you can try any shade of auburn hair, although we recommend avoiding colors that are too warm or too cool. Dark auburn is among the ideal options for you, as it is not a very dark color in its essence.

How to Dye Auburn Hair Color?

To dye your hair auburn colors; The color tone of your hair should be in auburn tones or lighter tones. For example; In order to dye black hair to auburn, we need to lighten the tone of our hair up to the tones we want to dye. Then you can get auburn color with the auburn color hair dye and oxidant mixture that you specify on our page and want to dye.

Care recommendations for dark auburn hair color

After you reach your dream hair color, you will need to organize your hair care routine according to dyed hair. Although you do not make a radical change in your hair, your hair may need more moisture now because the dye is a chemical process. So try washing them with a shampoo like Clear Women Clay Therapy Shampoo. With its clay-containing formula, known as mineral storage, it cleanses your hair from root to tip without weighing it down, giving them silky softness. With its formula containing vitamin B3, it nourishes and revitalizes the scalp. Also, to preserve the vibrancy of your hair color:

  • Be careful not to wash with very hot water. Hot water can strip your hair of beneficial natural oils and cause your hair color to fade faster.
  • Avoid excessive use of heat-styling tools. Thus, you will minimize the damage to your hair.
  • Apply weekly special care cures to your hair. You can get help from natural oils for this.
  • As you know, water is very important for your skin and general health. Take care to consume enough water to give your hair the moisture it needs.


We have said that auburn and dark auburn hair color is one of the most natural hair colors. If you want to choose the most natural of this tone, you can choose Garnier Color Naturals 7N Natural Auburn. This hair color with slightly warm reflections will look as natural as your own hair.

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What is dark auburn hair color?

Dark auburn hair color is a rich, deep shade of reddish-brown. It’s a unique combination of brown and red tones that creates a warm, earthy hue.

Who does dark auburn hair color suit?

Dark auburn hair color can suit a wide range of skin tones, but it looks particularly great on people with warm, golden, or olive skin tones. It can also bring out the green in hazel or brown eyes.