Best Men’s Fade Haircut: all the Trends of the Year

Best Men’s Fade Haircut: all the Trends of the Year

The fade haircut has become the most trendy haircut for men in recent times. It is a cut model that extends upwards from the nape. With the faded hairstyle, the long part of the hair is started to be applied by tilting it back or to the side. Thus, a natural image is obtained. This model has been preferred frequently lately, and it provides both a much more comfortable and a much cooler appearance. This hairstyle adapts to all hair types and adds volume to the hair.

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Read on to find out what it is, what it looks like, and which of these men’s hairstyles are the most popular right now.

Fade Haircut

Haircut fade differs from pointy in that the cut is usually much shorter and causes fading in the skin at any point, minimizing the hairline. Fade is also incorporated into more hairstyles than taper. For example, some of the best hairstyles for men are: comb fade, Mohawk fade and undercut fade.

What types of faded haircuts are there?

What types of faded haircuts are there?
What types of faded haircuts are there?

There are different types of faded haircuts, with variations that depend on the height at which the extension transition is made and how short the lower part is, if it is combined with lines in the hair, with a mop or crest, among other factors. In general terms, we could categorize them into three groups:

Low fade haircut

 The gradual change in extension occurs at the height of the sideburns and the nape of the neck. It is the lowest variant and also the most classic. Perfect for men with long faces.

Midi fade haircut

The gradient starts in the middle area of the skull. It looks particularly good on people with oval faces.

High fade haircut

The effect starts at the top of the skull. It is the most modern and jovial variant, the one that most favors square or round faces.

What is Tapered Fade?

Tapered fade is not actually a haircut or style. The term came about when people started to confuse the two segments because of their similarities. Technically, a tapered haircut is a kind of fade, but a fade is not a kind of thinning. Just know that if you ask your barber for a tapered fade, you’ll likely end up with a tapered haircut.

What are the different taper fade haircuts?

This type of fade combines popular taper and fade styles as a mid-length option for men. What you need to determine with your hairdresser is whether you should keep it high fade, low taper fade, or medium fade. 

1. Low taper fade

Some cone fades are quite severe, while others are more delicate. The low taper fade is lighter as it starts just above your ear and is usually not as dramatic as other taper fades.

It suits hairstyles like the Pompadour and can also look a little more professional and neat. The low fade is an ideal choice for those who want their hair to be a little longer than other types of fade.

2- Mid-taper fade

Medium taper is probably the most common type of fade and looks great on all men. This is where the fade will start, between the top of your ear and the middle of your forehead hairline.

This tapered haircut strikes a great balance between a low-fade professional look and a high-fade strong look.

Men’s haircuts have become very popular due to their enormous versatility. At the same time, it looks both casual and smart.

3- High taper fade

The high tapered fade is the most visually striking of all fades and starts well above your head, usually at the same height level or just below your forehead hairline. It’s a men’s hairstyle that can definitely make an impression.

A high fade can help make your face look slimmer, and is therefore great for those with a rounder face. You usually have very short hair on the sides and the faded hairstyle you want on the top.

You may decide to go for something loud and dramatic or just want a buzz fade because it works with many different hair lengths. It also works with the lines put in your hair because of the large area of short hair on the side of your face.

Short Hairstyles for Men

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fade Cuts

What is a fade cut?

The fade, blurred or degraded cut is the technique in which the hair is cut in areas, each one with a different length. This causes a faded effect, with a smooth gradation so that steps from one length to another are not noticeable.

How do I choose what type of gradient to make?

As we have indicated before, the most important thing to take into account is the type of face of the client and the texture of their hair. Oval faces will be favored with any type of cut, while rectangular ones should opt for one of the asymmetrical types, round ones with a toupee and triangular ones with longer sides.

Does the type of hair influence the gradient?

Yes of course. Cutting curly hair is more complicated than fine, straight hair. For this reason, it is very important that the professional is trained and knows how to do it in each case.

What are high fade, mid fade, and low fade?

This nomenclature serves to categorize the types of gradient according to the height at which it begins to be performed, with the High Fade being the one that leaves a lot of necks uncovered, the mid in the middle, and the low fade the most discreet, with a much thicker gradient. Low.