Spring-summer 2023 hairstyle: trendy haircuts

Spring-summer 2023 hairstyle: trendy haircuts

trendy haircuts. In this article, which we have prepared specially for those who closely follow hair fashion, we will present the trends in haircut models and enable you to enter the new season with different images and models that will meet your expectations. So, let’s move on to the most trendy spring-summer 2023 trendy haircut.

Here are five spring-summer 2023 trendy haircut ideas!

1. Pixie Haircut:2023 haircut trends female 

The Pixie haircut is one of the most trending and popular hairstyles of spring-summer 2023.

Pixie hairstyles allow you to achieve both a feminine and feminine look. It is a popular and bold hairstyle that everyone from big to small.

What is a Pixie Haircut?

A Pixie haircut is a haircut in which the back and sides of our head are short, and the top is slightly longer. It is known as a short-cut haircut close to men’s hair among people.

Who Would Suit Pixie Haircut?

If you have a heart, triangle, or oval face type, you should know that you are very lucky. Because pixie hair looks very nice and assertive on you.

The pixie hairstyle made for the round face type can be balanced by making a bang, as it will make the face look long.

2-blunt haircut: Best Haircuts for Women in 2023

trendy haircuts.
trendy haircuts.

The blunt haircut hairstyle, which displays a very harmonious stance in short, medium, and long hairstyles, takes its place among the most admired women’s hairstyles of 2023. This model, which is applied at an angle of 0 degrees without any movement to the hair, is one of the most beautiful women’s haircuts for women that can be recommended for those who go to special events frequently.

Although blunt hair is still used from the past to the present, the most popular period was the 80s 90s. If you’re thinking of cutting your hair short too, what you need to determine before cutting is your face type. Your face type is the determining factor for both your hair parting and your blunt cut style.

Neck length blunt bob

A blunt haircut can be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made when done at the right time. We can count many reasons for this. Your hair will be healthier, and dry quickly, and even moving your hair will contribute to the fun of the whole day.

In addition, it is inevitable that switching to blunt hair will give a feeling of lightness. With this hairstyle, you will relieve your head of all the burdens that aggravate it. All women who understand the magnificence of the blunt haircut can list dozens of reasons why this style has become indispensable for them.

Long blunt haircut with layers

If you have voluminous, sparse, and thin hair, we can say that the layered blunt cut is the most suitable hairstyle for you. With the layered blunt cut, your hair will look fuller and voluminous.

The blunt haircut layered models have a wide audience of users of all ages and cuts. Among the wavy haircuts, there are folded box hair models. For comfortable use, you can check out the layered short hairstyle with bangs, and the layered bob hairstyle for an energetic and dynamic look.

3-textured bob haircut

Textured bob haircut, one of the must-haves of the season. This medium hair look is glamorous and easy to wear, perfect for those with very thick curls, but a good compromise for thin pieces as well.

Bob hair actually works with texturized products to create volume and movement for an extra cool effect.

What does texture hair look like?

Textured hair is where strands form shapes such as swirls, spirals, zigzags or waves; hair is kinky, kinky, curly, or wavy. 

How can I make my hair look textured? trendy haircuts.

trendy haircuts.
trendy haircuts.


  • Braid your hair for permanent texture. For lasting texture and beachy waves, braid your hair while damp and let it dry.
  • Strengthen your roots with Velcro rollers.
  • On the second day, use a curling wand in her hair.
  • Curl your hair, apply dry shampoo, and part the ends with pomade.

The shag haircut: Modern Shag Haircuts for Summer 2023

The shag haircut is very casual, comfortable, relaxed, and visually effortless. Shag works on almost any hair texture and any hair length. Still, we have to be careful about making love. It’s a hairstyle that’s dated, with lots of layers. Search the Internet for shag hairstyles, and you’ll see lots of photos that look like they’re from 1999. Think of Jennifer Aniston at the beginning of the “Friends” episode, or with the scurvy guys.

Choose The Best Shag Haircut for Your Face Shape “trendy haircuts”

The first thing to consider when choosing a shag style is its length. Short styles can take a long time to grow if you decide later that you don’t like the look, long styles can be easily fixed. Next, consider face shape before choosing a final style: longer hair will help balance a round face, while tapered bangs and fringe soften angular facial features.

Curtain bangs: Coolest Curtain Bangs for Summer 2023

The curtain bangs look is a different take on traditional straight-cut bang styles. These types of bangs can be incorporated into many hairstyles: Curtain bangs soften a long cut with a middle part and reduce the severity of blunt bangs. Curtain bangs are meant to highlight cheekbones and eyes.

The most suitable curtain bangs for you according to your face

We give you some tips to show your curtain bangs in the best possible way, some of them are very subtle nuances, but we assure you that they are the ones that make the difference.

If your face is round. It is better to wear the bangs quite long to thinly leave more volume on top or beautify the face. Another trick: when separating the bangs, try to draw two diagonal lines on either side of the face, thereby restoring the verticality of the features. 

If your face is square. Or with a very wide chin and angular features, the key is to round the shape of the bangs, bringing it towards the face, so it hugs it and softens the features. You already know that it’s not just about cutting the bangs, but how to style it.

If your face is quite long. In this case, to visually shorten the face, it is best if the bangs reach eye level, covering the forehead as much as possible. This way, the face will look smaller. Keep in mind that if you wear excessively long bangs, this can stretch your face even more.

Do you have an oval face? How lucky! Oval faces are lucky that any haircut and bangs look good on them. Therefore, they may allow themselves to be a little more extreme and take risks with shorter or uneven curtain bangs.

FAQ about trendy haircuts

Which haircut makes the hair look long?

If you want your hair to look long, you can choose haircuts that go down from the top to the bottom in layers. The layered cut applied to the hair extending up to the shoulders or below the shoulders makes it look fuller.

What are the short hair-cutting techniques?

In the finger-to-finger cut technique, the hair that is held with the finger is taken between the fingers and cut. In the contour cutting technique, both cutting and thinning are applied. In the over-comb cutting technique, the hair on the top of the comb is cut.

What is a Fresh Cut haircut?

The precise medium-length haircut model by giving a natural look is called Fresh Cut. Thanks to Fresh Cut, wavy styling becomes easier, the hair is more difficult to wear, and it is prone to styling.