How to take care of low porosity wavy hair

care of wavy hair

While wavy hair looks beautiful, many people struggle to maintain and manage it. Wavy hair with a texture that is somewhere between curly and straight hair requires a lot of care and attention. Not all hair care products are suitable for wavy hair. Therefore, it is very important to know what to use for your beach waves. Here are the ideal care tips for wavy hair…

Why Is It Important To Maintain Wavy Hair?

Women with straight and fine hair are very fond of wavy hair. Although it provides a pleasant appearance, it is quite difficult to control wavy hair. Because it is more electrified than other hair types, it swells and breaks. For this reason, it causes the hair to look lifeless. Women with wavy hair want their hair to look well-groomed and lively.

Hair care tips for women with wavy hair

care of wavy hair
care of wavy hair

Wavy hair is one of the most demanding hair types. Compared to other hair types, it wears out more and causes it to fluff during the day. For this reason, women with wavy hair need to take special care. However, proper and regular maintenance is extremely important. Otherwise, it may cause the hair to wear out and become electrified during the day.


Wavy hair, which many women with straight, fine hair envy; Although it looks very pleasing to our eyes, unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to keep wavy hair under control.

Wavy hair, which electrifies more easily than straight hair, and therefore easily swells, gets out of hand as the humidity, temperature, and wind increase, and can look like lint, that is, extremely unkempt.

So much so that women who collect their hair every day because of their wavy hair; may have to change products constantly in order to shape their hair.

With hair styling sprays, mousses, and hair straighteners, the wavy hair, which is even more worn out, causes shedding, breakage, and wear over time.

Here are our care suggestions for wavy hair that doesn’t know how to take shape:

1. Moisturize Your Hair

Wavy hair tends to be curly. That’s why keeping your hair moist and electrified should be your goal. To keep your hair moist, experts recommend using a cleansing and moisturizing shampoo.

Try to avoid shampoos that contain sulfates, as they draw sebum oil from your scalp and dry out your hair.

2. Deep Conditioning

Wavy hair is a lighter form of curls. Reports indicate that curls are prone to breakage due to frizz. Therefore, wavy hair needs extra care.

Adding deep conditioning to your hair care routine is a must for treating frizz. Also, deep conditioning will repair hair damage like split ends and roughness. It will also add some shine to your beach waves.

3-Avoid using hair dryers.

care of wavy hair
How to Care for Wavy Hair

Since a hairdryer uses heat, it has the potential to harm your hair’s cuticles. Therefore, it is recommended to air dry your hair rather than using a hair dryer.

Your natural waves will have more bounce after air drying. It will smooth out the texture and lessen frizz. 

4. Apply the Dropped Serum

Since wavy hair often suffers from dehydration and lack of moisture, leave-in serums can help control wavy curls.

5. Pay close attention to the hair dryer’s heat setting!

The next step is to dry your hair. After taking a shower, the hair needs to be dried in order to avoid getting sick, especially in the winter. Pay close attention to the blow dryer’s power and heat settings if you don’t want to cause damage to your hair throughout the drying process. Setting the blow dryer to the cold heat setting is the ideal setting for drying wavy hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry if you want it to have more pronounced curls. 

6. Creating Waves in Hair

Mousse or hair spray are the most popular styling tools for wavy hair. Remember that using just these items won’t be sufficient to style your hair. You can use temporary tongs before using styling products. If you want naturally curved curls rather than the stiffness and mold-like appearance that hairspray frequently gives, spritz it on wet hair before drying it. Wavy

How to Care for Wavy Hair?

care of wavy hair
How to Care for Wavy Hair?

Wavy hair, which is located somewhere between curly hair and straight hair, is one of the hair types that is relatively easy to shape. Both washing and care need to be treated a little differently.

Care Tips for Wavy Hair

  • wavy hair is typically drier than hair that is curly. Therefore, there is no need to wash as often as straight hair. Washing can be done every 3-4 days.
  • For wavy hair, massaging the hair with the right oil before washing the hair will keep the hair healthy and moist.
  • After washing, nourishing and moisturizing oils can be used to remove dryness at the ends of the hair. Because the ends of wavy hair tend to be drier than straight hair.
  • After getting out of the shower, you can apply a conditioner that stands out with its moisturizing effect on your hair. This will prevent your hair from drying and hardening.
  • Let us remind you once again that choosing the right products for hair care is very important. There are separate products for wavy, straight, or curly hair.

Important Wavy Hair Care Items

care of wavy hair
How to Care for Wavy Hair

When washing, drying, and styling wavy hair, it is important to focus on each step independently. There are also essentials for taking care of wavy hair. Here are some advice for maintaining wavy hair:

• It is crucial that the hair care products used are appropriate for the type of hair. You can only profit to the fullest extent from hair care products in this manner. 

• Another option is to wear a mask… The application of hair care masks is frequently overlooked. Masks are necessary for hair care, though. At least once every week, you should apply a hair care mask to give the curls a brighter appearance.

Another choice for taking care of wavy hair is using no-rinse treatments. To prevent your curls from swelling and keep them shining and shaped throughout the day, pick non-rinsing care products.

  • Cutting the hair when it is dry is one of the most crucial wavy hair care tips.

  • Lastly, the rough texture of the towels may shorten, thin, and electrify the hair strands as they wear out. It is highly advised to use a cotton t-shirt or cloth rather than a towel to dry wavy hair.