How to take care of men’s long hair

How to take care of men's long hair

Long hair care has become an important issue for men as well as women. As a matter of fact, the appearance of long hair, whose care is neglected, never gives the desired result. In order to have healthy and flamboyant long hair, it is essential to take care of it regularly and pay attention to some points. If you do not have the stability in this regard, you can find the care routine you are looking for in the practical hair care advice guide for men. Guys, if you’re ready, let’s get started!


If you are a long-haired man, you will need to pay more attention to your hair care. Hot oil treatment and egg protein treatment will be one of the complete features of your hair care. For long hair and healthy growing hair, applying hot olive oil to your hair once a week for 1 hour, and mixing eggs with honey will be sufficient for hair care in men.

However, this process must be planned more accurately in men with hair loss. Stimulating the hair follicles is very important, and regularly massaging the roots of the hair will do this. In some cases, monotherapy can be applied.

What should men pay attention to in long hair care?

How to take care of men's long hair
How to take care of men’s long hair

When it comes to hair care, more attention should always be paid to long hair. If the care of long hair is neglected, similar problems such as hair breakage, dulling of hair, and hair loss occur. For this reason, men with long hair can only have hair that looks lively, shiny, and full when they pay attention to hair care tricks.

How to take care of men’s long hair?

We can list the things that should be considered for men’s long hair care in the most practical way as follows:

  • Warm water should be preferred during the washing phase of the hair. Washing with very hot water damages the hair strands as well as the hair follicles.
  • Shampoos that are suitable for the hair structure should always be preferred. At the same time, in the selection of shampoo, restorative shampoos that are suitable for the hair should be preferred.
  • During the washing phase of the hair, the scalp should be massaged with gentle movements. Massaging with hard movements can cause hair loss.
  • After washing the hair, a conditioner suitable for the hair structure should be used. Hair conditioners always help the hair retain its moisture and make the hair soft.
  • Long hair without conditioner is difficult to comb. As a result, hair breakage and shedding occur during combing.
  • Contrary to popular belief, hair should not be washed every day. The oils naturally found in the hair that is washed every day are destroyed, and accordingly, the hair displays a lifeless and weak appearance.

When all these fine points are taken into consideration, every man can easily have healthy and long hair. In the use of hair cream, it is necessary not to apply the conditioner to the roots of the hair, but only to the ends and lengths. The conditioner applied to the hair follicles damages the skin. The holding time of the conditioner on the hair should be at most 3 minutes.

Practical Hair Care Tips for Men

Long hair care is an issue that needs attention for men. In men’s hair care, it is also an important detail to make the appropriate care according to the structure of the hair. Depending on these, men’s long hair care is divided into categories as follows:

  • Men’s Long Curly Hair Care
  • Men’s Long Thin Hair Care
  • Men’s Long Wavy Hair Care

Each category has hair care recommendations for different men. We will continue to share some of these suggestions with you below.

Men’s Long Curly Hair Care

How to take care of men's long hair
Men’s Long Curly Hair Care

Among all these, especially men’s long curly hair care is an issue that requires attention. The reason for this is that curly hair is more difficult to shape and difficult to comb. For this reason, men with curly and long hair should definitely use hair care cream. At the same time, using a men’s hair care mask is very beneficial for long curly hair to be healthy. In addition, among the practical hair care recommendations for men is that those with curly hair should use cotton towels.

Men’s Long Thin Hair Care

It is more beneficial for men with long and thin hair to use hair care sprays that do not require rinsing instead of conditioner.

After each bath, these care sprays should be applied to the length of the hair so that it does not touch the ends and roots. In this way, long thin hair that requires gentle care can be combed and styled more easily after each bath. At the same time, these hair care sprays, which are used regularly, also support the preservation of hair moisture.

Men’s Long Wavy Hair Care

How to take care of men's long hair
Men’s Long Wavy Hair Care

When it comes to practical hair care suggestions for men with long wavy hair, it is sufficient to use only the shampoo that is suitable for them. This shampoo, used by men with long wavy hair, which has a natural fullness and volume, should be one of the restorative shampoo types.

Long wavy hair is always easier to shape than other hair types. It is better for men with this type of hair to use hair care serum once a month for the healthy development of their hair.

The Importance of Serums in Men’s Long Hair Care

Serums used by men as hair care products also have an important place in long hair care. Men’s hair care serums provide great benefits, especially for hair types that are prone to shedding and breakage. Men should pay attention to the use of serum and do this regularly.

Serum types suitable for men’s hair types can be applied 3 or 4 times a week, depending on the general condition of the hair. Men with healthy and long hair should use a hair care serum at least once a month. In the application of hair care serum, the serum should be massaged into the hair with circular and gentle movements.

For Styling Voluminous and Long Hair

One of the biggest problems of voluminous and long hair is that they are constantly electrified and cannot be kept under control. Hair stylers rush to help to get rid of hair that becomes heavy and sticky over and over again throughout the day.

If you want to get a hard or wet look on your hair, you can get help from gels, but you cannot go beyond the hard or wet look because gels cause hardening in long hair. Instead of the hard or wet look you want, you can use lightweight gel shapers for a natural and controlled look.


Although long hair care may seem difficult for men, it is actually very easy. It is only necessary to use the right products and perform regular maintenance. Long hair provides a very appealing and attractive appearance to men. Men with long hair are confident and stylish men.