cornrow hairstyles for ladies

cornrow hairstyles for ladies

For the majority of people, especially women, looking nice is important. This illustrates the significance of picking a fantastic hairstyle. One of the most popular hairstyles ever is the cornrow. You can nearly always count on it to be a good choice. There is a cornrow model to fit every face shape, so look no further.

cornrow hairstyle for women

cornrow hairstyles for ladies
cornrow hairstyles for ladies

Cornrows braids are a traditional and almost ‘timeless’ knitting style that has been popular in many cultures for centuries. This unique braiding technique, which gets its name “cornrows” in English from its resemblance to corn kernels lined up side by side, consists of forming rows of tight braids close to the scalp. This practice results in stylish and modern-looking hair designs that can last for weeks. Cornrows braids are also called “herringbone braids” in our country because they give the hair a herringbone-like appearance. We can say that cornrow braids are easy to shape and maintain.

Cornrows Styles

cornrow hairstyles
cornrow hairstyles

If you’re a fan of braided hairstyles, you’ll love Cornrows! Cornrows, also known as African Braids, are a classic herringbone style braid that can be applied in a variety of different patterns and ways. They are applicable models for anyone with different hair lengths and textures. You can apply it with additional hair to create your unique style.

When it comes to cornrows, there are different cornrow knitting models you can choose from. These are named according to the style you want and the number of braids you want. You can choose from 2, 4, 6, and 8 knits, or you can request it to be made in thin, thick, or standard sizes. One of the best things about Cornrow models is that you can further customize your hair by reflecting your unique shape and style to your braids.

Cornrow Hair Knitting Model for Ladies

Our first model is the snake and heart design cornrow hairstyle. You can see the image of this model, which dazzles with its design, below. While the snake shape is handled at your ear level, a visual feast is organized by knitting the side part in the shape of a heart. It has taken its place among the frequently preferred models.

half bun cornrow hairstyles for ladies

half bun hairstyle
half bun hairstyle

Another option you can choose among Cornrow hairstyles is the half-bun hairstyle. You can easily use this model, especially in the spring-summer months. For an energetic and assertive hairstyle, make three thin cornrow braids from the front and collect them in a half-bun. Here is a full spring hair!

side cornrow hairstyles for ladies

side cornrows
side cornrows

We are here with a romantic hairstyle. For this model, part your hair to the side. Knit the short side from the side in a cornrow braid. Wave the rest of your hair with the help of tongs or a hair styling product and leave it open. Enjoy the rest of the day with your cool hair.

Bob cut cornrow braid hairstyle for ladies

Bob Braids
Bob Braids

Hair length for Cornrow doesn’t make much of a difference. In other words, it is possible to adapt this model to almost any hair length. When it comes to the cornrow hairstyle, one of the options you come across is the short-hair cornrow braid model.

If your hair is bob cut, you can consider trying this model. You can get a different and dynamic look by braiding strands of hair from the sides of your hair and leaving your remaining hair open.

Boxer Hair Braid

boxer braid
boxer braid

This knitting pattern, which you can see most often and even make yourself at home, is named after boxing. This knit, which is mostly used by boxers, has been remembered for its sporty stylish appearance. Boxer braid is a very comfortable knitting model in terms of use. It is a wonderful knitting model that shows itself from every angle thanks to its side knitting.

How to Make Cornrows hairstyles for ladies

Cornrows braid can be done with your own hair, preferably with additional hair. Cornrows take a shorter time compared to other hair treatments.

This time may take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the length of the hair. After the hair is braided from the bottom, the parts where the braid will be made are prepared. For a better braid, the gel can be applied to the hair. Those who do not prefer jelly can use styling cream.

After these processes are done, Cornrows braids are knitted thinly and tightly and fixed.

Tight and regular Cornrows braids increase the permanence of the process. Thanks to its closed weave, you will not have to worry about collecting your hair, and you will be able to take advantage of its care.

How to wash cornrow hair?

This is one of the questions you may want to know before getting a cornrow knit. Even if you have the cornrow hair done by a professional, you can wash your hair as you normally would after braiding. Since the braids are made only from the roots of the hair, you should also gently wash the hair roots using your fingertips. Apart from this, it is recommended to wash the cornrow hairstyle 2 times a week instead of every day in order to use it for a longer time.

frequently asked questions about cornrow hairstyles for ladies

What are cornrows (herringbone weave)? How is it done?

Cornrows are an application that resembles a herringbone look, preferably with additional hair. It is enough for your hair to be 8 cm. For this model, additional hair can be made in different colors and tones apart from your own hair color.

Cornrows braids can be in any length and size if additional hair is used, and when you want to untie, you can cut the additional hair from where your own hair ends and open the braids.

How To Wash Cornrows Braiding Hair?

Cornrows braided hair is washed with a shampoo suitable for your hair, foaming with water, and then rinsed. If you wish, you can massage before rinsing and then rinse.

How long is it used?

  It can be used between 1 – 4 weeks.

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