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Indeed, not all women can completely replace their hairstyle with a short one. There are not so many women or girls for whom women’s short haircuts suit their type or lifestyle. Only confident and courageous girls or women make short haircuts. Short hairstyles for women in 2023 look very trendy, and stylish and can make your image look fresher and younger.

2023 Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles were among the trend hairstyles last season. However, this year’s fashion hairstyles, especially short women’s hair, attract all the attention. Before getting short haircut models, you need to know your face shape well.

Who Should Not Use Short Hair?

Short haircuts are not very suitable for short and overweight women as they will make their facial features more prominent.

Especially overweight and short people should choose between medium-hair models. Thus, the body lines will appear more proportional.

Tall, straight bodies and extremely thin people should also choose the short hairstyle carefully.

For tall people, layered short hairstyles can be used instead of straight female short hairstyles. ⇐Is this true? However, this is wrong. Because there are also short hairstyles suitable for tall women.


Short haircuts change every year with different trends. In 2023, short hairstyles will come to the fore with different styles and cuts.

Here are 8 different short hairstyles you can try in 2023:

Pixie Hairstyle


This courageous model is generally preferred by artists, fashion designers, painters, and musicians. It is an assertive and flashy model. It is a very short model. However, despite being so short, it is quite feminine. It is very suitable for oval and long-face types. It takes shape easily and does not bother you much daily after cutting. Gets into shape immediately after a bath.

Classic Bob Cut


Regardless of the year, the classic bob cut never loses its fashion. The Classic Bob cut maintains its prevalence with its modern look every year. It is a model that gives women power and self-confidence with clear lines. Generally suitable for all hair types and face types. Only the hairdresser determines where the cutting line will pass according to the facial features and according to your wishes.

Angle Cut Hairstyle


Short hair on the nape of the neck is very suitable for round faces. The hair is not the same length on the front and back. The backs are longer and shortened to the ear level. Or the front sides are curved at the level of the chin and the back side is rounded and cut at the level of the earlobe.

Shortcut Cut


Short hair blunt cut makes the hair appear fuller than it is. The blunt haircut line can be curved, horizontal, vertically forward, or vertically backward. It is very suitable for fine and medium hair. It is not preferred for thick hair because it looks very fluffy. Its purpose is to make thin hair look full and flamboyant. For curly hair, the corner of the cut should be rounded, or an exaggerated triangle will appear. Soft cuts should be preferred on wavy hair. Sezen Aksu preferred an asymmetric blunt-cut model with a slight diagonal forward line in her youth years. For angular and square faces, the aggressive and hard blunt hairstyle suits very well.

Layered Short Hairstyles


Short-cut hairstyles; The layered hairstyle, which is among the women’s short hairstyles, has different designs in itself. Especially among the thin-wire haircut models, the folded short haircut models offer a stylish look. Thus, a privilege was born for fine hair.

Curly short hairstyles


Curly short hairstyles create a bold and free look. In this model, the hair is left short and curly and shaped towards the face. This pattern may result in wider vessels on your face, but when combed correctly it provides a very attractive appearance.

Pointed short hairstyles


Pointed short hairstyles create a modern and attractive look. In this model, the hair is cut using pointed scissors and defines your face shape. This model can provide a more youthful appearance.

Wavy short haircut for women


Wavy short hairstyles are very popular with women. These models create movement and volume in the hair, giving women a more attractive appearance. In addition, wavy short hairstyles can be easily combined with different styles and can match any outfit. Here are some impressive wavy short hairstyles for women:

Short Wavy Bob 

This cut accentuates the natural waviness of your hair and creates a lively look. Cutting your hair at chin level will make your facial features more prominent and provide a modern style.

Short Wavy Lobe: The lobe section is slightly shorter than the haircut at shoulder level. This cut can be a suitable option for wavy hair. Trim your hair with a lob cut, it will define your face hats and accentuate the movement of your hair.

Short Wavy Pixie

 This cut provides a bold look and adds movement to your hair. A short pixie cut creates a great load with a short haircut that accentuates the natural undulation.

Short Wavy Shag: This cut adds movement and volume to your hair with layers of different lengths. In this cut, you can transform your wavy hair into a more modern style with layers of different lengths.

Short Wavy Asymmetrical Cut

This cut creates an extraordinary look in your hair and provides a dynamic style. In an asymmetrical cut, one side of your hair is cut shorter than the other, emphasizing the undulation of your hair.

Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

 This cut is created by adding a short and slightly broken strand to the front of the haircut at chin level. This cut is an ideal choice for wavy hair and gives your hair a fuller look.

Short Wavy Layered Cut: This cut is best suited to use volume and mobility in your hair. Layers cut in different lengths highlight the natural waviness of your hair and make your hair look fuller.

What are Short Hairstyles According to Face Shape?

Before applying short haircut models to women’s designs, you should learn your face type. Because if you choose a short hairstyle according to your face type, you will be even more attractive with your short hair.

You can make the most accurate haircut with the determination of women’s short hairstyles according to the face shape. In addition, your facial features will look more perfect with short hair models according to your face type. So you will be even more remarkable.

Short Hairstyles for Oval Face

2023 oval face short hairstyles; Oval face can use almost any hairstyle. However, if you want your cheekbones to stand out, you should use a pixie hairstyle or a hairstyle with bangs. Similarly, the bob hairstyle is another alternative for oval faces. Therefore, short bob hair should also be considered.

Short Hair-Short Hairstyles for Square Face 2023

With layered short hair 2023 cuts, you can make the sharp lines of your face even more proportional. Therefore, you should try it, especially if you have thin hair.

We would like to give you one more tip; You can get perfect hair that integrates with your square facial features, especially with short layered and fringe hairstyles.

Short Hair for Round Face

Short hairstyles for chubby round faces 2023; Especially with short hair models that are parted in the middle, you can remove your rounded facial features by covering your cheeks.

In addition, you can use the cuts that are shortened from the nape and left long in the front, which is among the 2023 women’s haircut models. Short back and long front hairstyles are among the short styles of this year’s hairstyles. So you will have the most beautiful hair with these haircuts.

So the most important detail for you should be to cover your wide cheeks with your hair.

Short Hair for Heart Face Shape

Women’s haircut models differ for each face type. If you are considering short haircuts and women’s styles, you should know that there is a hairstyle suitable for every face type.

If you have a heart face, you can choose from hairstyles that add height to your hair. For example, your face shape will be more proportional and stylish with sharp hair separations and bangs left on the forehead. Thus, you will look more aesthetic with short women’s hairstyles.


Short hairstyles can be styled in many different ways. These include straight, wavy, curly, pointed, lightning, asymmetrical, and punk styles. These models should be properly combined according to your personal style and hair type.

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